About Julianne

Hi, I’m Julianne (Juli or Jules for short) and I live in Indiana with my husband, Ben, two precious daughters, and our beloved puppy, Timber.

I’m a former teacher, now full-time middle-school counselor and skin care consultant. I love decorating, baking, crafting, shopping, fashion, writing, learning, and finding inexpensive ways to style my home and family.  My life feels like a race most days and it’s crazy, fun, exhausting, frustrating, scary, and wonderful all at the same time (if that’s possible). Now that I’m “of a certain age” I feel like I’ve learned a lot about life from my students, peers, friends, family, life experiences in general. I find myself reflecting a lot more on these life lessons and it’s made me want to document it somehow. I’m not sure anything I have been through is book-worthy or will ever make me famous-which is probably good because fame doesn’t appeal to me, but I think everyone’s experiences can help others in some way. Hopefully mine can help you or someone you know.




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