The office

After we built our house new house a couple years ago, I was so excited to have an office that 1) had a door–in this case two small sliding barn doors and 2) that I could organize and decorate. In our old house our “office” looked like this:



Basically, a catch-all, toy room that was the first thing someone saw when they walked in the house. Awful. Gave me anxiety. Every. Day.

Once we got in our new house, what happened to the office?? Disaster. Catch-all for boxes and crap. (Did I mention my husband is a “paper piler” and “cluttery” compared to me?) Well, he is. I love him anyway, but it’s true. It runs in his family.

So, last year I had enough and went to cleaning it up. There’s still a lot I want to do–wall hangings, new chair, etc. but at least now I don’t break into hives from anxiety when I walk in.

Most items on the shelves are from Hobby Lobby except the IU and the frames.  The frames are thrifted, painted, with chicken wire attached (old–I did it years ago). The rug is from At Home. The desk is from Craig’s List and I painted the bottom and restained the top to match our floor (also done years ago). The 6 brown bins are old, from Target.


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